Business solutions for a more inclusive economy

Entrepreneurs across the U.S. are increasingly focusing their product development efforts on technology solutions to spur growth. Investments in these solutions – from apps to e-commerce to growth marketing– can accelerate operations for the country's fastest-growing entrepreneurial group: women of color.

Pitchblack provides inclusive and innovative growth strategies, technology development, and lifestyle support to grow and celebrate diverse communities.


What we provide


We believe that processes like customer acquisition, logistics, and customer support can accelerate your growth with a few lines of hard-working code. Let's build these solutions together.

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With a heavy dose empathy, we collaborate with you to develop unique growth strategies that prioritize your goals and delight your customers.

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As women entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand that work and life often blend. Our style is flexible to accommodate the many ways you work best.

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Next Steps.

If your challenge is technology development and strategy, we provide clarity. Interested in working with us? Get in touch!